The To Do List

For many years now I’ve been a fan/slave of the To Do List.   I used to do this the old school way with pencil and paper.

After tiring of constantly re-writing the same items (that I hadn’t managed to get done) onto new lists each day I progressed to using MS Outlook’s in-built Task List feature.

This helped, but I quickly realised Outlooks limitations, most prominently that I needed access to Outlook to see or update my task list. This meant I often forgot to add items that came up when I was away from my computer.

Early this year I discovered the new breed of To Do List services on the web and am now a contented user of Toodledo. It ticks all the boxes for me. The core product is free. It is web-based with a clean, fast and customisable interface. There is an excellent iPhone (Android, Blackberry etc) app for it so I can take my list with me wherever I go and keep it correctly in sync. It even syncs easily with Outlook so I have a complete local backup of all that I have ever done (should I ever need to recall that I collected the dry cleaning last Saturday).

I can’t imagine living without a tool like this now. I no longer have to rely on my (sometimes unreliable) memory to keep me informed with what I need to be doing each day. I am sure I am much more productive because of it.

Do you use a similar tool? Does it help you “get things done” and be more productive? Put an item on your list to let me know.

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One Response to The To Do List

  1. Mohan Mahesan says:

    I use 2Do. Its a good app.

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