2012 Technology Trends To Watch

Here are my picks of the Technology trends to watch for in 2012.

Mobile Commerce

10% of visits to eCommerce sites in the UK already come from smartphones. Support for mobile in retailers digital presence will become a must have in 2012. Any retaliers without mobile enabled sites at the very least will be losing significant competitive advantage (you know who you are – PC World, Currys etc etc)! Simplicity is the key. At the very least retailers need a mobile enabled site that works on all platforms and screen sizes that allows the customer to carry out the basic shopping activity.

2012 will see the Olympics where mass audiences will watch through mobile for the first time.

Mobile gaming devices like the Nintendo DS are under threat as mobiles continue to replace them for many casual gamers. SMS services from mobile providers are also under threat as people move to free alternatives (BBM, Facebook etc).


Twitter will continue to grow rapidly. 2012 will be the year where it introduces its full advertising offering and it will start generating some serious revenue.

Near Field Communications (NFC)

NFC (Near Field Communications) payments are on the way. The iPhone 5 is likely to support this and with a push from Apple it could really start to gain traction.

Internet Connected TV

Connected TVs will continue their slow rise to prominence and will one day soon be a defacto standard. An estimated 50m will be sold this year. Apple is rumoured to be working on an offering which is likely to launch this year and will no doubt be beautiful. Uptake of connected TV’s is slow comparative to other technology because of the high cost of a new TV. People are used to changing mobile phones every 1-2 years but TV’s only every 10 years or so.


Education is becoming more expensive across the world due to widespread cuts in public services brought about by the global recession. Technology is emerging that would help students and educators (eBooks, Cheap laptops/tablets etc, video). Societal changes in digital media and communications haven’t really spread to education yet. Video is a great way of teaching anything. YouTube is launching an education service giving schools access to 450,000 education videos.

What Have I Missed?

What important trends have I missed? Let me know via the comments below.

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